How to Get Brush Scratches Off of a Car?

Answer Brush marks in your vehicle's paint or finish are normally caused by dirt or debris being rubbed against your car during a car wash. The marks are actually damage to your car's clear coat and paint... Read More »

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What do i wash my brush for acrylic nails in during and after so it doesnt dry in the brush and get ruined?

This might help =)…

What is the difference between a badger brush&a goat hair brush?

Badger bristle brushes and goat hair brushes have notable differences. Appearance, texture and usages vary. Countries of origin also differ. It is ultimately the artist's preferences when it comes ... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Badger Brush & a Goat Hair Brush?

Brushes are made from various substances, and there are certain types of brushes that are used better in everyday activities. Brushes made out of badger hair and goat hair are both been extremely p... Read More »

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