How to Get Bright Hair Color Without Bleach?

Answer The harsh chemicals used in hair bleach can severely damage your hair, causing dryness, split ends and possibly patchy, brassy results. Bleach removes the pigment from your natural hair color, ligh... Read More »

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I want to dye my hair a bright blue, what bleach do you suggest?

Manic Panic whiteout kit, or even Raw, which is perfect also. I used it, and it worked perfect, even if you're not using manic panic for the dye, which I didn't. It's very simple, the directions a... Read More »

About the new ombre hair trend, when dying half of the hair a bright color how is the maintenance?

I haven't done the ombré with color yet just from brown to blond but I have had color in my hair just as streaks and I know especially with pink they tend to lose their color quickly am turn a bit... Read More »

Wanting to dye my hair a lavender color...but the dye is a bright purple?

Nononononon! ahha no. Dont do that dont. Mix purple dye with conditioner in a bowl. Mix it untill its one shade darke rthen the color you want so just slightly darker. Leave that on your hair for a... Read More »

What color should I dye my hair What brand should I be able to use w/o bleach?

no manic panic never it sucks it should be at dollar tree go to look for special effects hair dye its on there it is the best its dark it lasts 4 months and it looks nice as it fades ... Read More »