How to Get Breathing Mask Marks Off Your Nose?

Answer People wear breathing masks for a variety of reasons. Examples include those with respiratory problems, sporting enthusiasts such as scuba divers, and those in high-risk environments. Having the ma... Read More »

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Effects of Nose Packing on Breathing?

Nose packing, also called nasal packing, is used to stop nose bleeds or to absorb bleeding after nose surgeries. The procedure involves medical gauze being packed deeply into the nose chambers. The... Read More »

How to Install a Nose Mask for a Corvette C3?

A Chevy Corvette is an expensive sports car. To protect the nose or front of the Corvette, you can add a mask. A Corvette nose mask keep bugs, rocks and other road debris from hitting the surface a... Read More »

After you get your nose pierced is the top of the stud supposed to lay flat against your nose?

I got my nose pierced three years ago and they used some sort of diamond type studd. It always stayed lifted up at the top, mine never did go down and I eventually got used to it. after a few month... Read More »

How bad does a nose job hurt Do they really break your nose while you're awake?

you will be in general anesthesia so you wont feel a thing.I suggest trying out nasofix first as it worked for me. Was also scheduled for rhinoplasty but I tried out the device and it really did fi... Read More »