How to Get Body Odor Out of Clothes?

Answer Everybody perspires. It is the body’s way to naturally cool off. Unfortunately, sweat can often leave an unpleasant odor on your clothing. Body odor is embarrassing, and often lingers on clothing... Read More »

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How to get the smell of body odor out of clothes?

How to Remove Body Odor from Clothes?

Let's face it, sometimes your favourite old sweatshirt stinks, and basic washing won't do the trick.

Body Odor Due to Bacterial Growth Inside the Body?

It is normal to experience body odor; however, when the odor emanating from our bodies is foul-smelling and overpowering, the underlying cause should be treated. Also known as bromhidrosis, body od... Read More »

How to Get the Odor Out of Moldy Clothes?

You might notice a moldy odor on your clothes if you leave a wet load of laundry inside your washing machine for several hours or overnight. Simply washing the clothes using laundry detergent might... Read More »