How to Get Blood out of Pants?

Answer Blood is vital to our lives, but when spilled can stain our clothes. Here is a guide on removing blood from your pants.

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I got blood in my pants?

You Probly started On your period If You dontt qot any padsz go put toilet paper on nd wen ur mom qetsz home tell hurr to qo buy You sum dntt worry I Starded at 12 also..

Blood ruined 60 $pants help!!! Quick?

If shoot in the abdomen will you bleed please i got to no i lost my son and there where no blood on his pants ?

I'm sorry about your loss, but I think the doctors can answer your question better than us strangers here on YA.

I dont know what to do. i found this blood spot on my pants and when i went to the bathroom i saw more!!!!!?

Oh, you are fine.There's nothing to worry about. All girls get this. Its called a period, or menstruation in which your vagina sheds the lining of blood they use to cushion the egg when its fertili... Read More »