How to Get Bigger Tips as a Server?

Answer As a server, you rely on tips to pay your bills. There's no room for a bad mood or a lazy attitude in the hospitality industry as these qualities will earn you tips of 10 percent or less. If you ar... Read More »

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Bigger Butt Tips?

Most people work out to decrease the size of their buttocks. However, a portion of the population wants to increase the size of their butts, giving this body part definition. People want to enlarge... Read More »

Tips To Make A Room Look Cleaner And Bigger?

First it has to be clean .Uncluttered.You have a great start with white and silver.White always looks great in a bedroom as well as your silver.Perhaps decorate with mirrors. Read More »

What is the best way for a server to get the best tips in a restaurant I Need good serving techniques!?

Okay, here you go!1. Serve from the left. Clear from the right.2. No matter what the people ask for, always act as though it is absolutely your pleasure to give it to them.3. Avoid tables with ... Read More »

Why does my tummy get bigger & bigger even thou I ceased eating rice at night?

try to eat less fatty foods and oily foodsdo exerisicedo yoga