How to Get Better at Horse Back Riding?

Answer If you've just started horseback riding, you'll want to improve - and quickly! This article will show you how to progress with your horseback riding.

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How to Make Horse Back Riding Chaps?

While chaps aren't a necessary part of horseback riding, they are ideal to wear in order to protect the legs and pants from weather or riding through brush. Chaps add an extra layer to the pants, s... Read More »

How to Get Better Balance While Riding a Horse?

Often people think that their balance is fine on horseback, but when their saddle is loose, they slip. Here's a great way to improve balance

How to Train a Horse for Riding?

Training a horse for riding is a long process and it is important for horse owners not to rush their animals. Ideally, the training leading up to that first ride should start when the foal is very ... Read More »

How to Dress for Horse Riding?

In the saddle, you want to be safe and comfortable, and dressing correctly is the key to this. You need to wear a helmet or hat, jodhpurs (tightly fitting trousers which look a bit like leggings), ... Read More »