How to Get Better Picture Quality from a Plasma TV?

Answer When you get a plasma TV, you expect a high-quality picture, but the reality is that you don't always get it. However, there are a number of ways to get better picture quality from your plasma TV. ... Read More »

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Do LED or plasma TVs have better picture quality?

This is entirely based on opinion. However, there are companies that rate the picture quality with sophisticated software that can measure black levels, contrast, color accuracy, white levels, etc.... Read More »

Which has better picture quality plasma or led?

LG Plasma TV provides better and brighter picture quality even in darkness due to the fact that there is no back light needed. Also the contrast ratio of Plasma is 50 times greater than that of LED... Read More »

Can you compare the picture quality of LCD TV's with plasma TV's?

Picture Quality Interesting question. Having worked on LCD, DLP and plasma sets, I've found that a lot of it depends on several factors. Truth is, they can all provide fantastic pictures, but they... Read More »

What kind of tv has the best colour picture, quality, etc plasma lcd dlp?

go for an lcd television which is HD compatible, for a better picture look for a tv with a high contrast ratio! anything above 5000:1 would be a very high quality tv.if ur into films then u can get... Read More »