How to Get Beautiful Curled Eyelashes?

Answer Long eyelashes.Have you ever seen models on those television commercials with those gorgeous lashes? Think they're fake, or impossible to obtain? After you follow the steps in this article, your ey... Read More »

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How to keep eyelashes curled all day?

This might seem weird but it works!Grab a chap stick OR a cotton swab and Vaseline. if you use the chap stick hold it in your dominant hand and apply it to your lashes in the same way u would apply... Read More »

How to get natrual curled eyelashes?

The way your lashes are is genetic. Just like some people have curly or straight hair. It isn't the product that makes your hair naturally curly or straight, it's all about your genetics. However, ... Read More »

Why Don't My Eyelashes Stay Curled?

Eyelashes are hair. Your hair type has a lot to do with how much curl you can get from your lashes. Understanding what makes hair curly or straight can help you tackle challenges you have curling y... Read More »

How to Keep Eyelashes Curled for 12 Hours?

Curling your eyelashes is a great way to emphasize your eyes by making them appear brighter and wider. Putting on eye makeup and curling your eyelashes is a simple routine to follow, but the trick ... Read More »