How to Get Backtrack to Recognize a USB Drive?

Answer Many Backtrack users enjoy the advanced penetration-testing tools offered by BT4. So one would be surprised to have trouble getting the OS to recognize a simple USB drive. Here is a quick solution ... Read More »

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My windows xp sp2 home computer does not recognize my usb external hard drive but it accepts my digital camera and usb printer while the drive works great on both my friends and my work PC?

Answer pls check ur external h.d.d is usb2. so find out whether usb of both should be 2.

How to Get DOS to Recognize a CD-ROM Drive?

Microsoft Windows loads drivers for your devices each time you boot the computer. If you use a MS DOS boot disk, you must manually supply the device drivers for the older operating system. CD-ROM d... Read More »

One of my DVD drive doesn't recognize any cd/dvd?

It's quite probably a dirty laser lens. Buy a lens cleaner disc from any good music or computer store and follow the insructions. If this fails the drive may be dead. You can buy a CD/DVD burner n... Read More »

My computers won't recognize my flash drive?

go to this web site a…