How to Get Back on Top of Things After Attempting Suicide?

Answer When a person attempts suicide and lives to tell about it, it is upsetting to both the individual, the family and friends. If loved ones are unaware (when you're ready) you'll want to let them know... Read More »

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How to Make Friends With People After Attempting Suicide?

It is estimated that approximately 750,000 people attempt suicide every year. About 275,000 of those people are teenagers.After committing suicide, most people try to get back on track with their l... Read More »

How to Do a Springboard Back Suicide Dive?

This is a dive that a lot of people can't do. A springboard back suicide dive means a dive without your hands. It's really easy though. This is the first step to a back flip.

What are the chances of your sister getting full custody of her son if her husband attempted suicide a while back and recently killed someone in an accident where he was driving drunk?

Isn't it weird how people can carry heavy things & never hurt their back but then they hurt their back ->?

I completely understand it and can offer you a reason why that happened to you. My daughter for the last year and a half had to carry heavy bags full of accounting files on the train day in and da... Read More »