How to Get Back at Your Little Brother?

Answer Have you ever been annoyed by your little brother? Then this is the right place for you! I, for example, has got a younger brother who is seven. I HATE HIM! He says stuff to me like 'I wish you wer... Read More »

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When does Big Brother come back on tv?

with a bit of luck, never.Why do you think channel 4 dropped it in the first place (only for channel 5 to pick it up) answer, it has "run out of steam" at first it was novel but now, same old same old

How do you get back at your brother without being beat up afterward?

When no one is looking, take your brother's toothbrush and use it to scrub the toilet bowl (preferably after you use it). Enjoy the satisfaction while looking at your brother brush his teeth:) Note... Read More »

Why have the Mhbafos's brother take back their sister fom her husband?

You can't have a grandfather 5 times removed. You could have a 5Great grandfather. In which case the relationship would be your 3Great Grandfather.

My brother hit me.I got in trouble for hitting him back is that fair?

NO. it's not fair. but that's life.