How to Get Away when Being Chased on Foot?

Answer In some situations running and getting away when you're on foot is difficult. So here are a few steps on how to successfully displace yourself to a desired location without using a other means of t... Read More »

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When he isn't being chased by Samoans what game show host is urging us to spay our pets?

What is the name of the song and the artist in the American Dad episode Phantom of the Telethon when Roger is being chased by Stan and the CIA Agents?

Do kids try to run away when their being abused?

I should think so, unless they are being held by bribes and threats from the abuser. Many kids in the US suffer from mistreatment, but are too afraid to seek help. Some are bottling it up, hiding i... Read More »

When you plan your holidays do you try to avoid being away when your period is due?

No, life must go on.editIf you have horrible cramps etc and it's interfering with your life then you should consider seeing your GP..who may consider putting you on the pill..which may ease things ... Read More »