How to Get Away from a Friend Without Making Them Feel Upset?

Answer Do you ever feel the need to get away from someone without making that person feel bad or having you feel guilty? Need time off to relax? Here are some suggested "ways out".

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How to Comfort an Upset Friend?

Have you ever been in a situation where your friend was crying and you didn't know how to console them? Looking here will help you find helpful ways to comfort a friend who is upset.

How to Console an Upset Friend?

Is your friend upset about a problem? Follow these steps on how to console him/her and make him/her feel a lot better!

How to Notice a Friend Is Upset?

Being oblivious to negative emotions a friend is experiencing can often be a bad thing. Though some people prefer to keep their problems to themselves and deal with them alone, plenty of others nee... Read More »

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If you're a woman, and you have men friends, it's a given.Can't we just get a room?