How to Get Away from Reality?

Answer Well, there is a way to get away from reality. This especially works if you are alone, depressed, or have a high amount of stress.

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How far away is the camera and the crew when filming a reality TV show?

If it's a handheld camera, it's usually just a couple of feet away, and more distracting than you might expect. Some shows like Hells Kitchen and Big Brother also have a lot of stationary cameras w... Read More »

What 2004 ABC reality show had a billionaire giving away a million dollars to a winner?

How far away is the North Pole away from Brampton, Ontario?

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How far away is the north pole away from brampton?

The North Pole in the Arctic Circle is around 5,229 miles away from Brampton in Ontario, Canada. This calculation is based on their distance from each other in reference to their positions (latitud... Read More »