How to Get Away With Smoking Inside?

Answer First off, I'd like to make it clear, you may skip step one and you don't have to wait until night. You can simply wait until people are out of the house, or sleeping, or being occupied with anothe... Read More »

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How to Get Away With Smoking?

Smoking can be embarrassing to yourself. Sometimes you feel it is embarrassing, and sometimes you don't what to look like you are irresponsible. Whatever the reason, this is how to get away with sm... Read More »

How to Quit Smoking With the Help of Smoke Away?

When trying to quit smoking its important to realize you will need more than just a commercially available product such as Smoke Away. Here is a list of steps and tips to help you with your quit. R... Read More »

Will smoking out a window leave no smell inside?

The air will blow back in and take with it the smoke so that both you and the house will stink.

Is it true that smoking pot takes away pain?

Yes it does alleviate pain. Many people use this herb medicinally for many reasons. It gets rid of the killer pressure headaches that glaucoma causes. It also helps arthritis patients. It is used t... Read More »