How to Get Avatars on Deviantart to Appear in Journals?

Answer With DeviantART, you can reference your friends by their avatars in several sections of the site. One of the areas of the site that you can do this in is your journal. You can use your journal to p... Read More »

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Why don't people show their avatars avatars are much cooler then the little smiley face deale bobs?

I think what's written is the important thing, not some silly picture on the side.If you want to put a picture, go ahead. I couldn't be bothered.

Journals for ESL?

A journal, like a diary, is a regular record of a writer's ideas and thoughts. At the end of a semester, or a year of tutoring, an ESL student who has kept a journal has a record of his progression... Read More »

How to Use deviantArt? is one of the most well-known art-sharing network making artists out of anyone, interested? Here's how to become a member, how to post art and be valued on DA

Journals on the Art of Teaching?

Journals provide the most current ideas and theories in the fields for which they are published. There are two fields which specialize in the art of teaching; the first is education and the second ... Read More »