How to Get Archon's Armour in Fable?

Answer In the video game "Fable: The Lost Chapters," your good or evil actions determine the type of hero you become. As a hero who must battle demons and monsters, you need the best equipment available. ... Read More »

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How to Save Armour in "Dragon Fable"?

"Dragon Fable" is an online, single-player game that lets you explore the world and destroy enemies in your quest for a dragon. Each time you kill a creature or complete a quest that yields a rewar... Read More »

How to Get Galonath Armour?

How to Get Galonath's Armour in Dragon Fable EASY!!!

How to Get Recon Armour?

If you have been playing Halo 3 lately you may have noticed people wearing a very curious armour. These steps will get you into the Recon Armour as well!What the hell is it? Recon Armour is a speci... Read More »

How to Get the Best Armour on Fallout 3?

Tired of being killed by Mutants and other things because of bad armour, look no further than this guide. The armour is stuff of legend and practically awesome.