How to Get An Assumed Business Name?

Answer When a business wants to start branding their services, they must choose a business name. The process of reserving a business name is referred to differently depending upon the state and the countr... Read More »

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How to Fill out an Assumed Business Name Form in Illinois?

Illinois's Assumed Name Act requires individuals operating sole proprietorships or general partnerships to register a business name if that business name is different from the owner's full legal na... Read More »

How to Determine the Assumed Mean?

Assumed mean takes a ballpark guess at the mean, then uses math to calculate a number close to the mean. It is assumed because it does not go into an actual mean calculation. It is important to rem... Read More »

What is the assumed speed limit on a unmarked country two lane road?

In my state (NC) as in CA, the default for an unmarked country highway is 55, so I would assume that. However, the turns are usually marked only 10 mph slower than the prevailing speed limit in my... Read More »

Do I apply for a business license in the DBA name or the LLC name in Nevada?

In Arizona, you can list either the company's Doing Business As (DBA) or limited liability company (LLC) name when applying for a business license. Both names are considered legal business names. Y... Read More »