How to Get Amazing Eyebrows Your First Time?

Answer Have you ever wished you had perfect eyebrows? Here's how to get great eyebrows the very first time!

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I'm getting my eyebrows threaded for the first time, does it hurt?

I have my eyebrows threaded all the time. It's way better than waxing because it can give you a great eyebrow shape that waxing cannot do. Let me firstly say, I've been threading them for a couple ... Read More »

I just tried Bao for the first time and they are AMAZING!! When are they traditionally eaten?

Bao like those you found in dim sum places are served and eaten in the morning where chinese families go yam cha meaning drink tea an occassion where family members gather together to drink tea and... Read More »

What does it mean when you get your period twice a month after having sex for the first time. this has happend to me 3 times now and i had sex for the first time 3 months ago what does it mean?

Answer It means you need to ask someone to make you an appointment with a gynecologist. Even if you don't wish to tell your parents that you've had sex, you need to let someone know that your perio... Read More »

When your in a relashionship and you see your girl without makeup for the first time what is your thoughts ?

I assume you're asking guys ...But any relationship worth being in, should result in the guy seeing your true beauty - and liking it all the same :)