How to Get Amaryllis to Rebloom?

Answer Make the following entries on your yearly calendar to ensure colorful blooming once a year.

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How do I get an amaryllis to rebloom?

Discontinue fertilizing and watering your amaryllis plant in the fall. Withholding nutrients will cause the plant leaves to begin drying and turn yellow. After the leaves have dried, trim them off ... Read More »

How do I get perennial plants to rebloom?

CareMaintain the right care for your perennial to encourage blooming. Most perennials require rich, quick-draining soil with adequate nutrition in the form of compost, mulch and fertilizer. Add fer... Read More »

How long will it take for my orchid to rebloom if I cut the stem all the way off?

Hello!The other answer is right on - these plants are very tough and hard to kill; but they do bloom very slowly.I usually cut closer to the plant, but as long as it is just above a node that will ... Read More »

How to Keep Amaryllis?

The amaryllis (Hippeastrum), a tropical bulb, produces 12 to 24 inch flower stalks with four to six flower-heads that appear lily like in form. Flower colors range form red, white with red striping... Read More »