How to Get Along with a Spouse?

Answer Getting along with your spouse can be hard at times. Here's some tips to help diffuse the tension and make it easier to get along.

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Can a spouse be granted full custody with no visitation just because the other spouse was charged with simple assault on her child only once?

Answer Yes. I doubt that any judge of Family Court would buy the "only once" defense. All of the judges, social workers, etc. I have encountered stick to the "Past behavior is a true indicator of ... Read More »

You are 6 days late for your period and the last 2 weeks you have been super naseated and had diareah along with being tired to the point of falling asleep at work along with headaches is it possible?

Answer Yes it's certainly possible that you may be pregnant. Perform a urine pregnancy test 3 weeks after you had intercourse or alternatively see your Physician now for a pregnancy blood test.

What visitation rights does a spouse have with their child after the other spouse has left with the child?

Can a spouse on parole live on base with their active duty spouse?

If the service member is the parent of the child, they can be claimed as a dependent. Marital status does not matter.