How to Get Along with Your Boyfriend's Sister?

Answer It can be difficult getting on with a loved one's family members, but hopefully these tips will help you out.

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How to Stop Worrying About Your Sister's Lack of Boyfriends?

Your sister may not be romantically involved with a ton of guys, it's nothing to worry about!

I have my boyfriends sister coming to dinner tonight help on dersert please?

strawberries and cream yum yum.....but get low fat cream or miss the cream and use low fat ice cream

Why some women simply hate their husband's sister just because she is his sister i e if she weren't her sister-in-law she might get along great with her?

because women are naturally territorial. (The same may actually hold true for the sister by the way) Both of them are protective over the man and therefore it is competition at it's worst. Same pro... Read More »

If my mum is my friend's aunt's sister in law's sister brother's wife's sister how is she related to me?

That all sounds slightly incestuous, but she is your mum obviously, 'cause you told us at the start!!