How to Get Along With a Type A Wife?

Answer Human beings have widely differing personalities and personality types. Psychologists, cultural anthropologists, and others have come up with many systems for categorizing personality types. Among ... Read More »

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You are 6 days late for your period and the last 2 weeks you have been super naseated and had diareah along with being tired to the point of falling asleep at work along with headaches is it possible?

Answer Yes it's certainly possible that you may be pregnant. Perform a urine pregnancy test 3 weeks after you had intercourse or alternatively see your Physician now for a pregnancy blood test.

My wife has a schengen visa type C multi entry fm 8-22 May 2012 with duration of stay 15 days.?

No, she must leave the Schengen area by 23:59 hours on 22 May 2012.… ..A visa extension is only possible for reasons of force majeure, humanitarian reasons... Read More »

My wife is due to give birth in 2 weeks. are there any ways to speed labour along?

the apple wont drop till its ripe. ever heard that one haha she could try eating fresh pineapple, drinking raspeberry leaf tea, having sex, these things can help bring on labour but not always

How can i sex with my wife but my wife says i can not piregnet in this time i piregmet after two years?

If you mean something like "should I have unprotected sex with my wife who says she can't get pregnant at this time, but she will be able to get pregnant after two years"I would say trust your wife... Read More »