How to Get All Your Teammates Through the Last Mission in Mass Effect 2?

Answer Released in 2010, Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to Bioware's first-person action role-playing game. Like its successor, Mass Effect 2 forces players to make important decisions based on both strategy... Read More »

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How to Survive the Final Mission in "Mass Effect 2"?

"Mass Effect 2" has several endings, all of which depend heavily on choices you made while recruiting team members and adventuring through the galaxy. While only the worst possible ending will resu... Read More »

How to Import Your Player to "Mass Effect 2"?

One feature of the PC game, "Mass Effect 2," gives gamers the ability to import their character from the previous game, "Mass Effect," into the sequel. If you played "Mass Effect" and were intensel... Read More »

How to Get Kelly in Your Cabin in "Mass Effect 2"?

"Mass Effect 2" is a hybrid third-person, shooter role-playing game. Players take on the role of Commander Shepard, a Specter and agent of Cerberus whose mission it is to stop a race of machine god... Read More »

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