How to Get All Your Friends to Join an Online Social Networking Website?

Answer Does it ever bother you when you log onto your Facebook or Myspace account, and you realize that you can't share some gossip, a new photo, or other piece of information with certain friends because... Read More »

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How to Get All Your Friends to Join an Online Social Website?

Do all of your friend own a computer? Do you get together often? If not, a social website is the way to go! Many offer chat or messages to communicate between people. Here's how to get your friends... Read More »

How to Build a Social Networking Website?

Social Networking is popular between teens, and adults alike. It is a big business such as for example Myspace, or Facebook. These are good examples of Social Networking that is well known for adva... Read More »

Does this mean someone tried to log into my social networking website account?

yes, that's usually what it means - someone is trying to guess your passwordand since you are asking, make sure you are not using the same password for your email account, or you will lose that too... Read More »

Good social networking website for kids?

facebook.Make a facebook page for you and your kid. Be friends on it, and add any of your family members and close friends of yours. That way, it's kind of like there is always someone who can witn... Read More »