How to Get Admin Privileges on a Router?

Answer Routers are networking devices that allow a single Internet connection to service more than one computer. Additionally, the device creates a local network that allows all the computers that are con... Read More »

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How to Install Bit Torrent Without Admin Privileges?

Traditionally, running Windows XP as a "computer administrator" was an unfortunate necessity. It used to be the only way some programs would work, with games as the most notorious example. However,... Read More »

I am trying to reset my wireless router, it is how do I access admin, password, user etc?

TO reset your router you dont log into it. There will be a small pin hole somewere on the router, usually next to the power plug. You will hold the button in usung a paperclip or something small an... Read More »

What procedures need to be taken to restore driving privileges in the state of New Jersey when a judgment has suspended your driving privileges due to a lawsuit involving an auto accident?

Answer Talk to the judge that made that judgment. Try to work with the system to see what they want you to do. Maybe it will be a defensive driving course. Maybe it will be some kind of assurance t... Read More »

What are the congressional privileges?

you might want to discuss the Bush administration's African policy legacy and its implications for the Obama administration. Many have argued that the events of 9/11 led the administration to view ... Read More »