How to Get Acrylic That Has Yellowed Back to Being Clear?

Answer No one wants unsightly nails, including acrylic nails that become yellow and discolored. There are a variety of reasons why acrylic will yellow -- air between the acrylic nail and the natural nail ... Read More »

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How to Clear up Polish Yellowed Fingernails?

Ever looked at your fingernails and hated the yellow color they have? Well, if you paint your nails a lot, that may be the reason. Soaking your nails in lemon juice can help whiten nails. Here's so... Read More »

Can I put clear acrylic over photos?

Clear and non-glare acrylic may be applied over photographs for a glaze effect.The material has UV protection and brings out the color of photographs vividly. Clear and non-glare acrylic are manufa... Read More »

How to Clean Clear Acrylic?

Clear acrylic is a glass alternative used to create aquariums, home storm windows, boat windshields and other manufactured goods. Clear acrylic, also known for brand names such as Plexiglas or Pers... Read More »

If my eyesight isn't clear anymore, is their still a chance for it to go back in the clear state?

Our eyesight is supposed to be perfect naturally all our lives, but most people are confused when it comes to eyesight.I use one of the best books on Natural Perfect Eyesight for the classes I teac... Read More »