How to Get AIM Without Parent's Permission?

Answer It seems as though everyone uses at least one instant messenger. If your parents won't let you chat on IM, you should probably listen to them. But if you insist on using the program to keep up with... Read More »

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Can a joint custody parent give the school permission to send and receive email about a child to his girlfriend without the other parents permission?

Answer I would certainly question the violation of privacy rights by any school that used email correspondence. A "girlfriend" who is not the biological parent. Has no legal or ethical right to inf... Read More »

Can the parent without primary physical residency take the child out of state on vacation without the custodial parents permission?

Answer This depends upon the law in your state. In my state it is allowed unless the divorce decree prohibits it (rare). Otherwise, a noncustodial parent would be stuck vacationing in the same stat... Read More »

If a girl gets pregnant by an 18-year-old guy or older can she and that guy get married without her parents' permission and without him getting in trouble?

Answer If both of your are 18 or older, then yes. You can get married and do whatever you want without anyone getting in trouble and without any permission. If this 18 year old guy got a minor preg... Read More »

How do you adopt a child without there parents permission?

The law varies from state to state, but most states have provisions for adult adoption. You should contact your local courthouse and ask for the forms.Good luck!