How to Get 99 Prayer on RuneScape (F2P)?

Answer Many people have viewed prayer as a very hard skill for F2P. But it is actually possible. If you follow this guide, I will show you a cheapest effective way to get 99 prayer. All it takes is patien... Read More »

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How to Get 99 Prayer on RuneScape?

Prayer is one of RuneScape's secondary combat skills. The higher prayer level you have, you can use stronger prayers and for much longer, which can temporarily increase your other combat stats, pro... Read More »

How to Level Up in Prayer in RuneScape?

A short guide to obtaining prayer xp in RuneScape.

How to Get Rid of Prayer Books in RuneScape?

Prayer books in RuneScape are found in the monastery west of Edgeville. They are used in the Great Brain Robbery quest. They also can be used to cure players who have been infected with poison. How... Read More »

How to Make a Prayer Potion on RuneScape?

Learning to do Prayer Potions on RuneScape can sometimes be a hard task. This article will make it easy for you. You need 38 Herblore to be able to do this!