How to Get 360 Waves After Using an S Curl Texturizer?

Answer 360 waves are a popular look for men with low cut African American hair. The style gives the appearance of a wave pattern on your hair. The process of getting natural 360 waves can be very time con... Read More »

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How to Use S-Curl Texturizer?

You can alter your coarse or curly hair by applying a hair texturizer. Luster's S-Curl texturizer is made for men who want to change the appearance and feel of their hair. It is made up of chemical... Read More »

How to Loosen a Curl Pattern With Hair Texturizer?

A texturizer is a mild chemical relaxer that loosens the natural curl pattern of the hair. It is usually applied to overly curly hair for easier manageability. A texturizer is left on the head for ... Read More »

How to Get Waves Using an S Curl?

A hair waves look is a popular hair style favored by African-American men. It creates a curly pattern in the hair that looks like waves. An S-Curl process is a texturizer that relaxes natural hair ... Read More »

How to Curl Waves?

Curls are simply tighter, smaller, often bouncier forms of waves. If you have wavy hair already, creating curls in it shouldn't be a problem as your hair is already predisposed to holding a loose f... Read More »