How to Get 100 on a Chem Test?

Answer Do you want to get a 100 on your chem test? Or are you sick and tired of mediocre performances and want to become an A student? Perhaps you need that recommendation letter, or a tutoring job. Well,... Read More »

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What is a CBC and Chem 12 test for?

When doctors need a quick overview of someone's health, they often don't have time to order dozens of individual examinations and tests on a patient. What are often used are standard batteries of t... Read More »

How to Write a Chem Lab Report?

Chemistry lab reports can seem intimidating. Chemistry lab reports are often a bit more detailed than lab reports for some other science disciplines. For example, a chemistry lab report requires a ... Read More »

Need to pee clean no harsh chem?

Make those 2 weeks a lifetime. Drugs will only ruin your life. Make the smart choice now and use no more.

Is Chem Dry carpet cleaning any good?

On One Hand: Chem-Dry is a Good Carpet CleanerWith dry carpet cleaning, no water is used. A dry absorbent compound is. The compound is worked into the carpet with a machine. Chem-Dry is a very well... Read More »