How to Generate a Random Playlist From All Music in iTunes?

Answer When you are in the mood to listen to music on your computer using iTunes, Apple's free media player, you might not know exactly what musician or album you want to hear, but would instead prefer to... Read More »

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How can I print a playlist from iTunes?

Works fine for me. Hi-light the playlist you want to print. Click print , a dialog box pops up,Check the kind of list you want to print CD case, song list, album list and click print.I am using a... Read More »

How to Download a Playlist from iTunes to an MP3 Player?

Although an iTunes playlist can be automatically synced to your iPod when it's connected to your computer, non-Apple MP3 players may not support the iTunes playlist. Whereas MP3 players released in... Read More »

How to Transfer Songs From an iPod to an iTunes Playlist?

The iPod is a portable media player designed and created by Apple. If you want to transfer songs from your iPod into the iTunes application, you can do so by accessing the hidden folders on the iPo... Read More »

How do you get song from your iTunes playlist to the iPod?

plug in your iPod. Then check the manually manage music on your iPod Summary Tab. Then apply. Next, click and drag the playlist onto the iPod. If you only want to put the song on your iPod, then dr... Read More »