How to Generate True and Honest Love from Guys?

Answer We can feel with our gut the true nature of things. And sometimes you feel that, no matter how many love letters you send to one another, the feelings between you two are just not that genuine bran... Read More »

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Guys- am i too fat be honest please!!?

How to Generate Love in Life?

Sweet loveLove is one of the basic emotions we feel. It is close to the source of life. The burst of well-being that is felt when you fall in love unconsciously opens the channels of awareness to a... Read More »

GUYS what do u look for in a girl (be honest and specific)?

-Laid back and not concerned about what she looks like-I don't know, but I don't like all black or scene stuff-Black hair on a white girl that isn't fat and has nice skin.-I like girls that taste l... Read More »

I want everyone's honest opinion (especially guys)?

the haircuts look exactly the smaebut styled differently