How to Generate Sql Statements and Hibernate Config Files from Java Objects?

Answer Hibernate is a an object/relational mapper between Java and relational databases. SQL is a structured query language used to interact with relational databases. Hibernate allows Java developers to ... Read More »

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How to Generate Hibernate Pojo Classes from DB Tables?

Hibernate is a powerful, high performance object/relational persistence and query service. Hibernate uses JavaBean classes to represent database tables in memory. The columns of the table are repre... Read More »

How to Generate a Random Number in Java?

Help with objects in java?

Yes, that's right, assuming that computer is a class object declared in another class representing the computer class. You can then use the class object you declared to access the variables within ... Read More »

Java- array of objects?

Ok, mostly what you need to do is decide what information needs to be stored for each state. You create a class named State just as the example below shows a Bicycle class, except that the State cl... Read More »