How to Gelcoat?

Answer Gelcoat is a 2 part polyester resin primarily used to finish the fiberglass surfaces of boats, aircraft and swimming pools. It is available in a liquid resin as well as a paste form and provides a ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Gelcoat?

Cracks or dings in the gelcoat of fiberglass boats or other vehicles are common. Repairing the gelcoat is step one, but the damage may extend to the fiberglass laminate beneath. After you've repair... Read More »

How to Mix Gelcoat?

Mixing gelcoat thoroughly with a catalyst hardener prior to application will ensure an even and sturdy finish. Always blend the resin well, so the final seal is smooth, without any patchy areas of ... Read More »

How to Use Gelcoat With Wax?

Gelcoat covers the outside of boats and recreational vehicles. The glossy coating is made from hard polyester resin applied over fiberglass. It protects the fiberglass and provides a smooth, shiny ... Read More »

How long does gelcoat take to set?

The time it takes for a gelcoat resin (which provides a high-quality finish on fibre-reinforced materials) to set depends largely on the type used. Polyester resin usually sets in 45 minutes to an ... Read More »