How to Garnish with Strawberries?

Answer The natural heart-shape of the strawberry makes it both inviting and ornamental. Technically not a berry, the strawberry is covered with tiny yellow seeds on the outside and has a sweet, tender mea... Read More »

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Why are strawberries called 'strawberries'?

StrawberriesOriginally they were called "strewberries," because they were "strewn" across the ground. "Strew" means throw. The name eventually evolved into "strawberries."And... when strawberries a... Read More »

How to Garnish a Martini?

You can garnish a basic martini with a classic olive or a twist of lemon peel. For flavored martinis, choose a garnish that reflects the unique character of the drink.

How to Garnish a Cocktail?

Cocktails are garnished to give them wonderful visual appeal and superb flavor. Many cocktails are not complete without a garnish, and a drink may only become a specific, famous cocktail after it h... Read More »

How to Garnish Food?

You can dress up any plate of food with garnishment, but knowing how to garnish food can be confusing for anyone who has not previously tried. From simple to elegant, you have several options to tr... Read More »