How to Garnish Wages or Attach Property in California?

Answer When a person is owed money by another person in the state of California, the law allows for wages to be garnished or property attached and sold to satisfy the debt once it has been reduced to a ju... Read More »

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How to Garnish Wages?

Wage garnishment is a way to collect your debt directly from the debtor's paycheck to ensure payment. You should consider wage garnishment only after all other attempts to collect your debt have fa... Read More »

Can Collections Garnish Wages?

Collection agencies and departments accept responsibility for recovering debts that the original creditor cannot. When a consumer defaults on a credit card, for example, the credit card company wil... Read More »

How to Garnish Wages of a Subcontractor in Kentucky?

When a debtor owes a creditor money in the state of Kentucky, the creditor has the option of suing the debtor in civil court and eventually being able to garnish the debtor's wages. When wages are ... Read More »

Can a collection agency garnish wages?

On One Hand: It's an OptionIf a lender wins a judgment against a debtor who still fails to pay what's owed, that lender can get a court to garnish the debtor's wages. Since a collection agency has ... Read More »