How to Garnish Social Security Benefits for Back Child Support?

Answer If the court determines you must pay child support, you must follow the order; failure to pay place in contempt of court. If a parent is behind on child support payments, the parent receiving the s... Read More »

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Social Security Disability Benefits & Child Support?

U.S. citizens affected by disability often rely on the Social Security Administration System. This system provides monetary assistance for people whose ability to function normally has been comprom... Read More »

Are Social Security disability benefits attachable for child support?

On One Hand: Social Security benefits are vulnerableGarnishment of Social Security disability, retirement or survivor benefits for child support and alimony is the law. Section 459 of the Social Se... Read More »

Can Child Support Garnish SS Benefits?

Child support payments are generally ordered to help with the support and maintenance of a minor child when the parents of the child no longer live together. Often, the court orders the payments ma... Read More »

Can child support be taken from a Social Security check?

A court can take child support from a Social Security check, but only if the benefits received are from disability. If the Social Security benefits are Supplemental Security Income, authorities ca... Read More »