How to Garden in a Small Space?

Answer Not too small.In many places, land is costly or scarce. Many homes and apartments include only a tiny porch, balcony, or patio. Others have a very small yard backing up to the neighbor's fence or t... Read More »

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Can bean seeds grow faster in a small pot with a lot of space or with less space?

Answer When they are seedlings, a small pot is fine. But when they get bigger, they will need more room to grow.

How to Space Garden Plants?

Whether you are growing flowers, produce or other plants, space is an important consideration because each plant has its own space requirements, depending on how it grows and how much space its roo... Read More »

How do I space lantana plants in a garden?

Prepare the SpaceDig holes 3 to 4 feet apart in a sunny spot in your garden bed; the holes should be twice as wide as the pots the lantana plants came in and just as deep. Remove the lantana plants... Read More »

How much space do vegetable plants need in a garden?

Vegetable plants need enough room to grow to their mature height and width without being crowded. Space large plants like tomatoes and eggplant 30 inches apart, cucumber and cantaloupes 2 to 4 feet... Read More »