How to Gangsta Limp?

Answer The Gangsta Limp, a close relative of the Pimp Strut is a precipitous progressive saunter characterized by distorted movements, and continuous twisting. The Limp mixes elements of malformation and ... Read More »

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After surgery, which is better; to walk with a limp, or to walk with a cane and no limp?

i would use the cane...listen to your physical therapist.i would think that walking without the cane would put unnecessary strain on your body. you might never lose the limp.take care of yourself.... Read More »

How to Look Gangsta While Not Over Doing It?

Being A gangsta takes street smarts, bling, women, homies and much more, but have you tried to become gangsta and been insulted about how "poser" and how you stereotype it. Here are some ideas on h... Read More »

How to Appreciate Gangsta Rap?

Gangsta rap is an art form.Many people think that gangsta rap is nothing but guns, drugs, thugs, and "ho's." However, rap is an art form, just like any other type of music. It's very expressive and... Read More »

What is the origin of Gangsta rap?

Gangsta rap, which romanticizes violence, rebellion and ghetto life, originated among American East Coast rappers. However, it was West Coast rappers, such as Ice-T and NWA (Niggaz With Attitude), ... Read More »