How to Gamble With a Chance of Winning?

Answer Virtually all games at a casino are games of chance, and in nearly every instance the odds are in the house's favor. It's possible to get lucky and win sometimes, but nearly impossible to win in th... Read More »

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I A C has "j " got any chance of winning?

nah he doesnt hes only left in because hes semi-fitand less boring then ceryshe doesnt have a chance! biggins will probably winbut id rather janice to winbiggins has annoyed me with his bitchingg

What RTV show would YOU have the most chance of winning?

l think l'd have a good chance on X Factor, l can't sing, can 't dance, but l could invent a bloody good sob story...LOL

Do you have a greater chance of getting swine flu or winning the lottery?

How many people in the US win the lottery each week? How many people in the US get swine flu per week?I say greater chance of winning the lottery!!!!!

Which tv game show you have a good chance of winning?