How to Gain Speed on Roller Skates?

Answer Gaining speed is something that takes time to learn to do with the minimum risk of hurting yourself.

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How to Do a 540 on Skates/Roller Blades?

This guide shows what some people think is too hard or dangerous to do. A 540 degree turn on skates. This turn is particularly hard as its a full revolution then landing to go in reverse.

How to Design Roller Skates?

There are four main parts of a roller skate that users can design: the boot, the wheels, the trucks, and the laces. These are the most visible parts of the roller skate and offer plenty of design o... Read More »

How to Choose Roller Skates?

Roller skating is a very fun hobby to take up. Except you don't want to wear those dirty rental skates where everyone's feet has been in. You rather want fast sleek roller skates everyone will envy... Read More »

How to Draw Roller Skates?

Though the first actual roller skate was likely invented in 1760, it did not include brakes, and its inventor, Joseph Merlin of Belgium, crashed into a mirrored wall during a London masquerade ball... Read More »