How to Gain Speed and Power in Martial Arts?

Answer Are you a martial artist or an average Joe who wants to know how you can increase your reflexes and gain power in your moves?

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Hand Speed Exercises for Martial Arts?

One of the things that is instantly noticeable while watching a martial artist is speed. Training to make your hands move faster is a cornerstone of many disciplines such as kung fu and Kenpo karat... Read More »

How to Appreciate Martial Arts?

Martial arts are a beautiful art form and a great way to get fit but before you start learning you have to learn to appreciate them as an art form.

How to Get the Most from Martial Arts?

Martial arts classes aren’t just for adults – they are great for all ages and can help with a number of issues. Here is how to get the most out of martial arts.

How to Jab in Martial Arts?

The jab is an important technique in any martial art. It can be used to keep your opponent away, set them up for a knock out move, as part of a combo, or to finish your opponent off (if you're good... Read More »