How to Gain Speed and Power in Martial Arts?

Answer Are you a martial artist or an average Joe who wants to know how you can increase your reflexes and gain power in your moves?

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Hand Speed Exercises for Martial Arts?

One of the things that is instantly noticeable while watching a martial artist is speed. Training to make your hands move faster is a cornerstone of many disciplines such as kung fu and Kenpo karat... Read More »

How to Jab in Martial Arts?

The jab is an important technique in any martial art. It can be used to keep your opponent away, set them up for a knock out move, as part of a combo, or to finish your opponent off (if you're good... Read More »

How to Bow in Martial Arts?

Bowing is a form of respect in Martial Arts. Since you don't have time to shake everyone's hand, we bow.

How to Get a Martial Arts Career?

Most kids have wanted to become ninjas at one point or another. Others want to be a ninja, even past childhood. But did you know that it is actually possible to pursue that career? Read on.