How to Gain Authority in the Workplace?

Answer Each of us wants to be successful at a job, but when you are a newcomer to an organization, it can be hard to reach your goals. This is when you need to learn how to gain social authority (when an ... Read More »

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How can a girl gain weight if she only weighs 91 pounds and is very skinny and she wants to gain weight but can't seem to?

answer eat a healthy diet with three balanced meals a day exercise to get muscle. but some people will never put on weight it is just the way they are. however i know a girls that says she cannot p... Read More »

Does the CIA have more authority then the FBI?

They are not really comparable. The CIA does not enforce any laws, but collects intelligence overseas. There are no circumstances where the CIA can legally arrest you (besides the inspector general... Read More »

What is the authority that comes with command?

If there were an Area 51, the employees would be government employees (including the military) and contractor employees.

What is trucking authority?

Motor carriers must abide by certain legal requirements and government regulations in order to operate. Interstate commerce is a huge business in this country and it is responsible for moving just ... Read More »