How to Furnish a Room for 350 Dollars or Less?

Answer You finally have your own living room, now all you need is something to put in it.

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How to Furnish a Room for $350.00?

Do you think that it is impossible to furnish a elegant guest bedroom for $350.00? Then you will be surprised to find that it is possible.

How to Make a Room Really Cool With 50 Dollars?

Want a cooler room, but don't have much money to spend? Don't beg your parents for money, it's possible to change your room with $50.

How to Make Your Room Really Cool with Fifty Dollars?

Although having a small budget and an ugly room may seem like reason to despair - it's not. Fifty dollars is plenty to make your drab room into a palace fit for a prince or princess, but do realize... Read More »

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