How to Function In a Multigenerational Household?

Answer Many families around the world live in multigenerational households, which are defined as spanning three or more generations. There are several cultures, particularly in developing countries, that ... Read More »

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Definition of Multigenerational Conflict?

The U.S. workplace is becoming increasingly diverse. Workers from four generations --Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y--are toiling alongside each other. The differing vi... Read More »

Multigenerational Class Teaching Techniques?

Instructors face cross-sections of generations when they facilitate web-based and live classroom lessons. Students include Traditionalists born before 1945, Baby Boomers born from 1945 to 1964, Gen... Read More »

Do household air fresheners affect household plants?

On One Hand: Air Fresheners Make Houseplants Work HarderHouseplants remove toxins from the air and provide the environment with clean, filtered oxygen. According to the Environmental Protection Age... Read More »

Search function in excel alongside of a time/date function?

dont worry about the AM and PM....the Am and PM are only formatting....they arent really part of the number or just need to check if your times go past midnight...and add 1 if it i... Read More »