How to Fully Experience the Music of Tool?

Answer If you've stumbled upon this article, you probably at least know who Tool are and are possibly considering listening to them more often but can't really understand them. Well besides being hooked b... Read More »

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Does anyone know if I can find a music tool like the one they used to have in coke studios?

There are several music and song creation/manipulation applications available for download, and quite a few are FREE. Just do a quick Google search using the following keywords: music maker soft... Read More »

Why do people often experience ringing in the ears after a loud music concert?

Pete Townsend, guitarist and songwriter for The Who, who suffers from ringing in the ears, attended the then so-called "Loudest Concert Ever" in 1976, according to the Guinness Book of Records. You... Read More »

What to put for work experience on an application for a restaurant when you have no experience in that area?

Can any one give me a link for a tool that goes in the tool bar for a spell check & a language converter?

The link (below) will take you to your My Yahoo page where the language bar and money converter exist.On the My Yahoo page there is the word "Content" with a green + sign. Click it and you will see... Read More »