How to Fry Whole Tilapia?

Answer Tilapia is a popular fish in many parts of the world. Tilapia is a hardy fish, so it has been successfully introduced into new areas in the wild. Thus, many people fish for these plentiful creature... Read More »

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What do tilapia fish eat?

The wild tilapia is omnivorous, feeding on blue-green algae and bacteria. The tilapia is now cultured in the United States for aquariums and ponds. The cultured variety of tilapia is fed pellets to... Read More »

Can you eat tilapia while pregnant?

Congrats ! I was just looking up the same question. This fish is part of the "Lowest Mercury Fish" list, so you can have up to 6 oz. of any of these fishes per week. check this link out. http:/... Read More »

What are tilapia fish?

Tilapia is a mildly flavored food fish native to Africa, where it has been farmed--particularly in Egypt--for thousands of years. More recently tilapia has become one of the most popular farmed fis... Read More »

Tilapia for dinner ?

Have you ever seen the Dirty Jobs Episode with the Tilapia?The tilapia eat the striped bass poo in the water to keep everything clean. I hope you enjoy your dinner.