How to Fry Plantains?

Answer Yummy!Here's how to make fried plantains, a traditional favorite in Congo and other tropical countries.

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Anybody ever ate Plantains?

I'm from Puerto Rico, and we eat plantain all the time!! In spanish fried plantain is called "tostones" or "platanutres", depending on the preparation. Its very delicious!You should try to do it i... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Plantains in Lawn Organically?

Buckthorn and broadleaf plantains are perennial weeds found in yards, flower gardens and fields. They have tough, slender stems and wide leaves with deep ridges. The leaves of broadleaf plantain ra... Read More »

How to Make Plantains Last Longer?

The plantain is a Latin American fruit related to the banana. Their textures and flavors vary, though. Plantains have thick skin, which is harder to peel than a banana's skin, and their flavor is s... Read More »

How to Make Fried Bananas (Plantains)?

Fried bananas, or plantains, are know as "platanos fritos" in Yucatan, "maduros" in Cuba and "amarillos" in Puerto Rico. They make a great addition to breakfast or with any grilled food, or can be ... Read More »